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About Us

Formerly known as Hapa MIX, we are a 10-year-old club at UCI, focused on promoting a sense of community among multiracial and multiethnic students. We also exist to increase awareness of those born of mixed race/ ethnicity and to help with identity development in a world that’s constantly blurring the arbitrary boundaries of “race”. If you’re mixed or are interested in being active in the mixed race community, then WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

We meet on Thursdays at 7pm in HH 112.

* NEWS *

(3/31/08) The calendar has been updated for spring quarter. We have a lot of fun events planned so be sure to come and hang out with us!!
(1/7/08) We are now meeting in a new room for Winter Quarter!
(9/12/07): Hi everyone! The new school year is starting and the name of our club has officially changed from Hapa MIX (Multicultural Interracial eXperience) to Mixed Student Organization